I’m Jack!

I’m a professional chef, a father, a writer, and I love nutrition. I started working in kitchens at 18 and moved towards learning about nutrition as I studied food science while working in fine dining kitchens.

Some of my biggest interests are health, athletic performance and weight gain. I am a huge fan of sports, and I’m currently boxing and training for a marathon.

As someone who struggled with weight gain during his childhood, teenage and young adult years, I have felt firsthand the challenges of weight gain!

This is why I’m so happy to start this weight gain blog to help others who are in a similar position as I was.

Whether you’re navigating the challenges of being underweight, aiming to bulk up with muscle, or striving to maintain weight while engaged in a sport, like I am, the information still remains relevant. Since weight gain and nutrition both come down to a science.

My Favorite Recipes

Fav Shake

Homemade Weight Gain Smoothie (710 Kcal)

Fav breakfast

Protein Pancakes (297 Kcal each)

Fav smoothie

High-Calorie Fruit Smoothie (663 Kcal)

Fav Comfort Meal

3 Cheese Mac and Cheese (1676 Kcal per serving)

The goal of the blog is to help you hit your weight gain goals by providing as much useful information as possible in one place!

I’m going to provide you with my favorite nutritious, calorie-dense recipes, meal plans, tips and other helpful resources like honest weight gain product reviews.

If you’re a fan of community and want to strive to achieve your weight gain goals together join my private Facebook community, and let’s get motivated together.